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Hassocks House

Hassocks House

This listed building is set in beautiful grounds on the edge of the South Downs, but the interiors were dark with limited views of the surrounding landscape. The brief required a contemporary style extension to take advantage of the views and improve the relationship with the garden, within the constraints imposed by the local Planning authority.

We developed the concept of a double pitch structure to relate the form and scale of the traditional architecture of the existing house. The conservation officer approved this approach and accepted that a crisp, modern, glazed structure was appropriate as a contrast to the building’s flint stonework and handmade tiles.

The structural design is quite complex, as the extension had to be entirely self-supporting and independent of the existing building. There is a substantial steel frame to provide the necessary support, concealed by opaque glazing.


Residential & Listed Building

Project Type



East Sussex, England

Design Features

Roof Glazing
Structural Glazing
Frameless Glass
Bifold Doors
Glass Beams
Hassocks House
Hassocks House
Hassocks House
Hassocks House
Hassocks House
Hassocks House

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