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West Hampstead House

West Hampstead House

The building is a Victorian terraced house with a deep three storey rear outrigger. The kitchen, located on the ground floor of this extension, was a reasonable size but not really adequate for a large family house, and had a low ceiling. The owners asked us to design a solution that enabled them to enjoy the view out onto their cherished garden.

The obvious answer was to build to the side of the outrigger. However, it was essential that daylight levels in the existing house were maintained and if possible improved. A further issue was that the ground floor level of the main part of the house was several steps higher than that in the kitchen.

We therefore suggested an elegant frameless glazed structure, with a small internal courtyard to accommodate the different floor levels and allow ventilation of the interior of the house. A new steel frame was inserted to integrate the extension with the existing building and enable the installation of large ‘minimal’ sliding doors.

Trombé Ltd dealt with every stage of the project including initial design, Planning Permission, appointment of a building contractor, compliance with the Building Regulations and the Party Wall Act, and finally the design and installation of the glazed structure.



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London, England

Design Features

Roof Glazing
Structural Glazing
Frameless Glass
Sliding Doors
Glass Beams
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House
West Hampstead House

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